Understanding Autism with social skills

The norms, customs, and abilities that regulate our relationships with other people and the world around us are known as social skills. People learn social skills in much the same way they develop language abilities: naturally and effortlessly. They develop … Read More

Best Dog for a Child with Autism

Few relationships are more powerful than that between a youngster and their dog, especially when the four-legged pet acts as a security shield and trusted defender. However, you must first get an autism diagnosis. This is vital information. It’s best … Read More

Autism fascination becoming a strength

Many people with autism have a strong interest in one or more areas. Some interests are shared by many people with autism (for example, trains, horses, and light switches), while others appear to be unique to each person. Sean Barron, … Read More

Autism and sounds

Hyperacusis is a condition in which persons with autism have an enhanced sensitivity to sound. This implies that some sounds, such as classroom bells, the radio, or the television, may make your youngster uncomfortable. When a youngster is distressed by … Read More

Autism & food triggers

Autism increases the likelihood of gastrointestinal disorders in people with autism. Because of sensory difficulties, autistic children may avoid particular meals or develop significant texture or temperature aversions. Parents of autistic children may restrict their child’s diet to items they … Read More

Working with schools

Every youngster is entitled to a good education. The best schools combine the practical with the aesthetic, and they provide a safe environment for children to learn and experiment. The public education system is in charge of many of the … Read More

Successful self employment

Many adults with autism struggle to find acceptance and a place in the workforce. While they may struggle to communicate orally, they may nevertheless be able and wish to contribute meaningfully through work. Self-employment can be a terrific option for … Read More

Social and community support

Many children and adults with autismrequire assistance in learning how to behave in many types of social interactions. They frequently want to interact with others but may not know how to engage friends or may be intimidated by the prospect … Read More

School advocacy support

It is not easy to advocate for your child at school. To be effective, you must keep your emotions in check, be concise about the issues your child is facing, bring potential solutions to the table, and be willing to … Read More

Employment and job support

Finding regular, paid work for people with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) can be difficult. Employers are becoming more willing to hire persons with impairments, including those with ASD. If someone is adult with ASD (or the parent of one) looking … Read More

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