How does the NDIS help in Finding a Job?

  • February 18, 2024
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Finding the right job for individuals with diagnosed conditions or challenges in daily life is one of the goals of the NDIS program. NDIS has several ways to support you to find a job as per your needs. The NDIS offers funding which helps overcome the complex barriers to get employed. Through the program, the individuals with diagnosed conditions or challenges in daily life get counselling sessions which helps them engage actively in employment opportunities.

They also get to work on workplace assessment to get a better idea about how employment looks like. NDIS offers the individuals with special needs assistance to write effective resumes. NDIS also helps with assistance before and during a job interview to get the job with ease. Getting assistance helps to make concrete moves that will surely land a job. This is often funded under the support category. It aims in finding the individuals with diagnosed conditions or challenges in daily life secure jobs so that they can be independent.

There are various organisations who are working collectively to help the individuals with special needs get employed. offers a recovery coaching service which determines for the persons with diagnosed conditions or challenges in daily life. They work alongside these individuals and help them get through secured employment opportunities.

Let us learn more on how NDIS helps in finding jobs.

How does the job search work with NDIS?

The Disability Employment Services or DES offers professional assistance that help the people with diagnosed conditions or challenges in daily life find and retain sustainable employment. implements this in their recovery coaching services to offer a healthy independent life to the individuals with special needs. There are about two forms of this service such as:

  • Disability management service: They help job seekers having diagnosed health conditions or injury to find a job. They also provide occasional support in the workplace. 
  • Employment support services: They offer individuals with permanently diagnosed health conditions find jobs and offer consistent support in the workplace.

How does the process of job search get started?

  • Sitting for employment discussion: It starts with arranging a meeting where the individuals with special needs get to discuss employment opportunities and requirements with their NDIA planner. There one gets the opportunity to talk about their barriers and what kind of employment role they are looking for.
  • Exploring your employment goals: When discussing your employment opportunities, it is crucial to include your employment goals in the NDIS plan. works intensely with these individuals to get their employment goals structured and work on them.
  • Setting an employment goal: It is a highly essential part of the NDIS plan when looking for a job. Having a clear employment goal will help you get through ideal job opportunities.

Thus, these are the ways the individuals with special needs can get jobs through the NDIS plan. By following these, the individuals get their perfect job opportunities and get their required support to live independent lives. You can also opt for the help of, a recovery coaching service provider to get easy and enhanced services.

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