Everything You Need To Know About Supported Independent Living (SIL)

  • February 18, 2024
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Supported independent living (SIL) is a part of the NDIS plan. Under supported independent living, the individuals requiring special care are give access to a well-facilitated environment. There, they get the help essential to learn the skill sets by living independently.
With the help of personalised professional support teams, people with diagnosed conditions or challenges in daily life learn to develop self-support. Here, under the SIL program, individuals with challenging conditions are placed in shared living arrangements with individual beds. All the Supported independent living (SIL) participants are assigned daily tasks that effectively work on their ability to build self-dependency. These programs aim to provide high-quality facilities to help those with diagnosed conditions learn independent living.
As a part of NDIS, supported independent living is a significant program that offers accommodation and takes care of the required facilities to provide comfortable living. Overall, the SIL program is of great help to individuals with diagnosed conditions or challenges in daily life to experience and indulge in independent living. The following features a detailed guide to know about supported independent living programs.

What are the benefits of choosing Supported Independent Living?

Supported independent living (SIL) comes with many advantages. It is accessible to people with special needs who are intending to work on developing their independent skills. Even individuals above 18 are eligible alongside others willing to explore the thrills of shared living. Some of the significant benefits of opting for the supported independent living program of NDIS are as follows.

  • 24/7 service: The SIL Supports in Melbourne has an expert 24/7 service facility. People with challenges in daily life will get hands-on professional assistance anytime with personalised care.
  • Comfort: Supported independent living offers the best of comfortable living. They aim to provide comfort as the accommodations are mostly shared.
  • Meeting new people: Individuals with diagnosed conditions will meet new like-minded people when opting for SIL support services. It offers a chance for persons with special needs to develop socialisation skills and make friends, making shared living easy.
  • Experts at help: By opting for Supported independent living, people with diagnosed conditions or challenges in daily life get hands-on expert help. The professionals are at help 24/7, making living comfortable and well-facilitated for the participants.
  • Safe environment: Supported independent living (SIL) offers a safe environment for the participants. Everything is looked into, from special medical facilities to nutritional meals, along with the comforts of home. The expert supervision further ensures safety.

Thus, these are the essential benefits of opting for Melbourne’s Supported independent living services. The facilities and services offered benefit people with diagnosed conditions from learning and developing their independent living skills.

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