All You Need To Know About School Leaver Employment Supports (SLES)

  • February 18, 2024
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The School leaver employment supports are designed to help the participants elevate directly from school to work. The support is available for the participants who are in the final years of school and for those who are looking for employment directly after school. The providers delivering the school leaver employment support aim to help the youth prepare, gain a vision and get employed. The support providers nurture the participants, helping each individual enhance and work on capacity-building activities. With this, young people can ideally achieve their employment goals and gain direction in life.

Varied providers are offering School Leaver Employment Supports (SLES) in Melbourne and other states globally. These providers look forward to managing the participants’ employment barriers. They look into supporting the participant through their unique pathway towards employment. The school leaver employment support providers help in fostering partnerships and goodwill in the general local community. Apart from this, the providers use their professional network to engage and connect with employers to help the youngster get employed.

These school leaver employment support providers work wonders in assisting the youth in finding a direction. With dedication, they look forward to creating value by helping the participants get employment. Let us explore how the support provider works.

Working Of The School Leaver Employment Supports (SLES)

The school leaver employment support funds and helps build the confidence and ability of the participant to enter the workforce. It is the NDIS which funds this support provider for two years, considering the circumstances of the participant. Every school leaver employment support program is different. Some of the essential skills taught in the support program are as follows:

  • Time management
  • Money handling
  • Communication skill
  • Work experience
  • Discovery activities
  • Personal development skills
  • Job ready skills
  • Travel skills

What Support Does The School Leaver Employment Support Provider Offer?

  • The support providers work intensely alongside the participants to get them employed for work.
  • They offer well-designed development pathways to plan and develop activities that help the participant meet their needs.
  • The support providers deliver support individually or in a group, or via a combination of both. It ultimately helps the participant get their required help.
  • Their support includes getting work experience in an inclusive work environment, which is of great help in the long run.
  • The participants get to learn employability or vocational skills specific to employment.
  • Apart from this, the school leaver employment support providers offer other necessary skills which enable them to engage in the work. These foundational skills include travel training, money handling and so on.

Hence, these are some of the essential needs the participant should know when transitioning from structured school life before entering the workforce. This is how the school leaver employment supports provider helps and works in helping the participants. Following these, you will get an idea and avail the support providers help when required.

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