So who am I?

My name is David and I’ve been in disability work at-risk youth work, counselling, community support, Fund raising, People helper since around 1999, and before that I spent 6 years in the Military working on Warships, Heavy Equipment & some other interesting task’s. Coming from a farming family in QLD of hard-working Farm Stock (Sugarcane & Dairy) parents who were later small business owners, so my work ethic is strong & solid (even after everyone else goes home).

My main aim is to come alongside you & help relieve the anxiety & worry about what to do next with your goals. Working in time with you so we move forward together creating time & structure on how to do it. The best way I’ve found to do that and really make a difference is to take those goals you are aiming for & start with actually doing things together that show proof of progress.

Less jargon & more straight talk is where I excel at making the NDIS, Goals & Life’s Challenges easier to target goals.

Let’s get going & get motivated together!


  • 100% a people person that loves to meet people, talk about life & what can change to have a better life now, not a forever dreamer

  • I love driving anywhere for coffee and talking with people about their interests and having a laugh.

  • I have always enjoyed traveling – regularly visiting QLD for family & friends, along with Tasmania, Perth, & other parts of Asia, Fiji & keen to do more.

  • One on one is where I have the most impact & have worked in large community forums before with fundraising for the Childress hospital. .

  • Sport is unavoidable in Melbourne, being born in QLD, Brisbane Lions would be my AFL team & Melbourne Storm, I'm a Family Ticket member as I have played Rugby Union & Tennis & cover lots of sports topics.

  • Living in the modern city of Melbourne with my wife of 25 years Jenn & 2 children nearly 18 & 21 years old.

  • Talking about Cars, Motorbikes and how they were to where they are now is a subject I love to discuss.

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